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    Monday, April 07, 2014
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    Tuesday, April 01, 2014
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    Monday, March 31, 2014
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    Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Adidas (Chapter 13)

Sponsorships are a major component of integrated marketing for Adidas. The brand is involved in most major sports and with a large number of athletes. Instead of posting all of the ads and videos on one YouTube Channel, Adidas uses multiple channels.

Questions and Exercises:
  • Examine each of the YouTube channels. Identify the videos and information on each channel. Discuss for each channel the rationale for the items uploaded by Adidas.
  • What similarities do you see among the channels? Be specific.
  • What differences do you see among the channels? Be specific.
  • Examine the Website of Adidas. Describe the information that is on the site. Discuss how integrated the website is with all of the YouTube channels.
  • Locate two Adidas ads that you like. Provide links to the ads. Explain why you like each one.
  • What social media does Adidas have a presence? Provide links to each social media. Discuss the look of each social media page to the YouTube channels and website.

Crisis Management (Chapter 13)

Strong brands take years to build, but can be destroyed in days. Understanding and implementing a crisis management plan can reduce the negative impact of an event and save a brand's reputation.

Discussion Questions and Exercises:
  1. According to the first video, what is a crisis? What is crisis management? Describe the components of crisis management and how to handle a crisis.
  2. According to the second video, what are the five steps in managing a crisis?
  3. Watch the third video. Discuss the principles the speaker outlined. Explain why crisis management is important and how to handle a crisis.
  4. Good crisis management normally requires an apology strategy. Watch the fourth video and outline the right and wrong ways to apologize.
  5. MediaCurves did a believability study during the apology strategies of the CEOs of Mattel and Dominos. Watch both videos. What makes the apology strategy believable? When was it not believable? Why? What could the CEO say that would make it more believable?
  6. The last video identifies 10 PR crisis in 2012. Choose one of the crisis. Describe the crisis. Use the Internet to see if you can locate what the brand or company did about the crisis. Report the actions taken and evaluate the company's method of handling the crisis. If you cannot locate information about the crisis, then describe the action steps you would recommend.

Interstate Batteries (Chapter 13)

Interstate Batteries is an active sponsor with NASCAR and is easily recognizable by NASCAR fans.

Discussion Questions:
  1. Watch the first two ads for Interstate Batteries. What are your thoughts about the ads?
  2. Access the YouTube Channel for Interstate Batteries. What information is on the site? Why has Interstate uploaded these videos?
  3. Watch the three videos with Kyle Busch. Was this a good person to sponsor for Interstate Batteries? Why or why not?
  4. Is NASCAR a good fit for Interstate Batteries? Why or why  not?
  5. Examine the website of Interstate Batteries. Identify aspects of the site related to sponsorships. How are these elements portrayed on the website? Be specific.
  6. Compare the Facebook and Twitter pages to the website. Discuss similarities and differences you see.
  7. Examine the other social media sites (LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+). For each, identify sponsorship elements. Do you think each of these sites is beneficial to Interstate? Why or why  not?
  8. If Interstate Batteries wanted to sponsor another sport, which sport would you recommend? Why?

Consumer Promotions (Chapter 12)

Consumer promotions, such as coupons, premiums, contests, and sweepstakes, are used frequently in the food industry. For this blog, assume you are the marketing manager for a small chain of 15 pizza restaurants in your area.

Discussion Questions and Exercises:
  1. Summarize the points made in the first video. What are the advantages of using the brand Upside? What are the disadvantages? Outline how you could use this with your pizza restaurants.
  2. Watch the second video. What are the advantages of using mobile coupons? What would be the disadvantages? Explain how you could use mobile coupons for your pizza restaurant chain.
  3. How could you use Pongr to create a sweepstake for your pizza restaurants? Be specific. In what other industries could Pongr be used? Justify your answer.
  4. Watch the fourth video.Outline how you could use Facebook and Twitter for a sweepstakes for your pizza restaurants. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using social media instead of traditional media for a sweepstakes?
  5. Watch the last video. Describe the five effective promotions presented in the video. Why were these premiums successful? Describe how you could use premiums to boost business for your pizza restaurants. Be specific.
  6. What are the disadvantages of using sales promotions for your pizza restaurant? Be specific.

Brookshire's (Chapter 12)

Sales promotions are prominent for grocery stores, such as Brookshire's. Most promotions will be from manufacturers, but some will be from the grocery store.

Discussion Questions and Exercises:
  1. Examine Brookshire's website. Identify the types of promotion featured on the website. What types of consumers are these designed to reach? Explain.
  2. Examine Brookshire's Facebook and Twitter pages. What promotions do you see? How well integrated are these pages with the brand's website? Provide specifics.
  3. Examine Brookshire's pinterest page. What information does Brookshire's post on the account? Why is this information posted? Why would Brookshire's even have a pinterest page? Explain.
  4. Examine Brookshire's YouTube channel. What information is posted? Why has this information been posted? How is the YouTube channel integrated with the other resources you have examined? Explain.
  5. Examine Brookshire's Google+ page. What information is posted? Why is this information posted?
  6. Locate the websites of two other grocery stores in your area. Compare each of these websites to Brookshire's. What similarities do you see? What differences to you see?
  7. How important are sales promotions to grocery stores? Explain.
  8. Which is better for grocery stores, the store's own promotions or manufacturers' promotions? Justify your answer.

Papa John's (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12 examines the use of consumer and trade promotions within an integrated marketing campaign. The pizza industry, including Papa John's, often use consumer promotions to encourage purchases.

Resources for Papa John's:
Discussion Questions and Exercises:
  1. Examine Papa John's website. What consumer promotions do you see? Do you believe these are good promotions for consumers like yourself? Why or why  not?
  2. Are consumer promotions offered on Facebook and Twitter? If so, describe them? If not, why do you think promotions are not offered?
  3. How well is Facebook and Twitter integrated with the content of the website? Be specific.
  4. Examine Papa John's blog. What information is provided on the blog? Who do you think is the target market for this blog? Would this blog be a good place to place consumer promotions? Why or why not?
  5. Papa John's has a page on Followgram. What information is on the page? Are there any promotions offered? If so, how do they fit with the brand's website? If promotions are not offered, would this be a good place to offer consumer promotions? Why or why not?
  6. Look at Papa John's YouTube channel. What information is offered on the channel? How well is the YouTube channel integrated with the other resources you have examined? Be specific.

PowerPoint Lectures

Dr. Kristin Comeforo created some PowerPoint lectures of various topics in the IMC Textbook utilizing the PowerPoint provided with our book. I thought you might find these useful, especially if you are teaching an online course. She is excellent at explaining the concepts.

Selling (Chapter 11)

For business-to-business products, personal selling is an important component of the integrated marketing campaign. For this exercise, assume you are a salesperson for a restaurant supply business. Your company sells restaurant furniture, cooking equipment, and supplies to restaurants.

Discussion Questions and Exercises:
  1. Why is relationship selling important? Watch the first video. Identify each step in the selling process and relate it to your sales assignment (selling restaurant furniture, equipment, and supplies). Explain why it is important.
  2. Watch the second video. What are the most common objections? How would you handle these objections in the restaurant supply business?
  3. Watch the third video. Identify the sales techniques discussed in the video. Apply each technique in terms of selling equipment, furniture, and supplies to restaurants.
  4. From the fourth video, what are the five reasons restaurants will not buy from you. How would you handle each of these situations?
  5. From the "Psychology of Selling" video, what role do emotions play in business buying decisions? How would this relate to your task of selling to restaurants?
  6. The last video is a humorous door-to-door salesperson. As you watch the video, make a list of traits of successful people as it relates to b-to-b sales, and in your case, selling to restaurants.

Direct Response Marketing (Chapter 11)

For this exercise, assume you are the marketing manager for a chain of 8 clothing boutiques that targets 18-30 year old females with current fashion trends. The stores are located in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, Texas.

Questions and Activities:
  1. Watch each of the videos taking notes as you watch. Identify points made in the videos about direct response marketing. Discuss how the information in each video would apply to direct response marketing for the clothing boutique.
  2. Review the list of methods of direct marketing presented in the textbook. Prioritize the list of methods for the clothing boutique from highest priority to lowest providing justification for your ranking.
  3. Design a direct mail piece that will be sent to females in the 18-30 age group. Be sure to follow the tips presented in the videos. Did you use urgency or scarcity? Why?
  4. Design an e-mail direct response to be sent to females in the 18-30 age group.

Database Marketing (Chapter 11)

Database marketing has become an important component of many integrated marketing campaigns. For this exercise, assume you are the marketing manager for Desert Sun Tanning. Access the company's website then answer the following questions after viewing each video.


Discussion Questions and Exercises:

  1. Watch the video "Four Fundamentals of Database Marketing." What are the four fundamentals? Discuss how these apply to Desert Sun Tanning.
  2. Watch the video "10 Database Marketing Tips." Identify these 10 tips. For each, explain how it can be used by Desert Sun Tanning in its database marketing program.
  3. Watch the video "Geocoding." How can geocoding be used by Desert Sun Tanning? Be specific.
  4. Watch the video "RFM Analysis." Explain how RFM analysis can be used by Desert Sun Tanning. Be specific.
  5. Watch the video "Loyalty Programs." Outline a loyalty program for Desert Sun Tanning. Explain how customers will be enrolled and how they will be maintained through the program.

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